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Bio-Individual Digestion Self Paced Course - $87.00

Digestion course is a course to teach how digestion is 

supposed to work. Learn what diet is best for you to improve your health & lose weight + much more.


Weight - Loss Course - $157.00 

A self paced online course that will help you overcome  your weight loss struggles to lose weight, this includes the

Bio-Individual Digestion Course 

Learn what diet is best for you, to improve digestion and understand why you have not succeeded in the past with weight loss + so much more.



Work with me sessions: In person and online client work available


     10 week coaching session package $195.00 this

 includes the Bio-individual Digestion Self Paced Course. 



10 week coaching session package $239.00 this includes the 

Both the  Bio-individual Digestion and Weight - loss course.




10 & 21 Day Purification Detox Programs - Standard Process

Call office for complimentary consult to see if this program is right for you.


We are a ChiroThin Weight Loss Center - Call office for complimentary consult. 

Dr. Supervised 6 week program with a nutritional coach.

Call our office to make a complimentary appointment to hear if this program is right for you. 

Add on any online class or coaching session.



Nourish & Flow $429.00

Online Education will open February 2021 and Fall 2021.

Everything  you need to make a healthy lasting change in this course.



The Restart Program $169.00

A 5 Week Sugar Detox Class book a group class with family and friends or co-workers inquire for dates available.

New events will be posted please check back.



Book a discovery call to find out what works best for you.

 Health Pillars that will be focused on 


 D I G E S T I O N


 B L O O D  S U G A R  B A L A N C E






I M M U N E  H E A L T H


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